What is dry farmed cannabis?

You may have heard of dry farmed wine or tomatoes, but most people don't know that cannabis can also be dry farmed. This style of farming ensures that the plants only take up the amount of water that they need. Our organic and regenerative cultivation practices let the plants' flavors develop without being watered down. With dry farming you can truly experience terroir - a natural expression of place.


What do you mean you "don't water?"

We get asked this question all the time. Thanks to our location on the Eel River floodplain, we are able to utilize dry farming practices: we grow a lush cover crop in the winter, till it in in the spring, and cultivate the soil to the ideal consistency before planting so the water is able to move upwards and water the plants' roots from below. This way we don't need to irrigate or fertilize our crop once it's in the ground. The combination of fertile alluviual soil, biodiversity in the old-growth redwood forest around us, and coastal influence makes our cannabis unlike any other.

The Eel River Valley - An Agricultural Oasis

Our region is famous for dry farming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition to cannabis, we grow many heirloom varieties that have been developed in Shively by legendary seed breeder Bill Reynolds, including the Stella Blue squash, Dark Star zucchini and Eel River melon. We also grow Ice Cream watermelons, lemon cucumbers, open pollinated Early Girl tomatoes, Cherokee Purple and Abe Lincoln heirloom tomatoes, Zeppelin delicata squash, Shiraz beets, cannellini beans, corn, Improved Desert King figs, walnuts, pomegranates, pears, peaches, cherries, apples and plums.

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