"Dry farming cannabis shows new levels of symbiosis with the ecosystem and great sun-grown pot. While dry farms are said to only make up a dozen cannabis cultivation operations in California, the resulting cannabis is must-smoke-pot for anyone looking to try flavor-loaded nugs grown with a different kind of bio-responsibly in a water-heavy industry. To get the full tale on dry farming, we headed north to the Redwoods of Humboldt County. There, Chrystal Ortiz, the founder of one of the Emerald Triangle’s newest dispensaries, and her husband Noah are at the cutting edge of growing awesome weed with only the water cycle to provide the plants’ hydration."

"The small farming community of Holmes Flat lies at the northern end of the Avenue of the Giants, a famous scenic drive through the ancient redwoods of Humboldt County, California. With its rich alluvial soil, this idyllic valley next to the Eel River is a great place to grow crops like alfalfa. Recently, cannabis farmers have moved into the area and are experimenting with a radically different way to grow marijuana: dry farming."

"The idea and evolution of dry(land) farming go back to the 19th century, has been used in various parts of the world, and has evolved and adapted to the lack of moisture in certain climates. This type of farming uses land management practices that retain precipitation on the land, make use of the stored moisture in the soil, and cultivate crops without irrigation. Crops that have adapted to become drought tolerant and tend to be explosive in flavor and nutrition. To dive deeper into dry farming practices, I sat down with Rosie Reynolds (Sensiboldt Organics), Chrystal Ortiz (High Water Farm), and Jill VanderLinden (Organic Medicinals), three Sun+Earth Certified farmers who are multi-generational cannabis and food producers. These three amazing women are also leaders and frontline activists in the cannabis community and advocates for regenerative organic farming practices. Together, they formed the Humboldt Dry Farming Alliance in 2020 to educate farmers on the science and benefits of regenerative organic dry farming and to advance these important farming practices in the cannabis industry."
Sunshine Cereceda of Sunboldt Grown interviews the members of the Alliance on KMUD, Redwood Community Radio.